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Productive Planning Tips

We all have long lists of things to do in our work and personal life. It is always a big struggle to get the most important things done until the day is over ...  Living in a big city like Istanbul has made me become better at planning so that I can get more done in one day ! I am going to share a few tips that make me get through my tasks a bit easier.

My Top Tips for Productive Planning ! 

1.  Have a Notebook or Agenda

Always have a notebook or agenda on hand. I always find it helpful to have something on hand that can help me dump my ideas, to-do's and lists on. Find a notebook that you like inside and out. The page layout and page format are important. If you can't find something you like, I recommend creating a page on the computer that works for you and just print it out.

2. Planning for the Week 

I typically use Sunday evenings or Monday mornings to plan out my week. First I look at the list of meetings and events that I may have outside of my office during that week. I usually set my schedule around these. For instance if I have a meeting across town then I think of things I may have to do around or close to that area and I plan to do those the same day. I plan my week at the beginning of each week and then I make adjustments if I have to. This way, I have a rough plan of how my week will look.

3. Make a Top 5 To-Do-List

My secret to finishing high-importance tasks is to make a top 5 to-do-list. I make one for the day, week, month and year. I do this for both my business life and my personal life. This reminds me of the most important tasks of the day, week or month. Because I usually have a never ending to-do-list on hand. But the top 5 trick reminds me of the things I have to get done that day.

4. Learn To Say No ! 

Sometimes distractions are our worst enemy. If you want to get your planned tasks done in time, you may have to say no to colleagues or family. If I know I have a really important task that I need to finish in the morning at the office, then I will say no to any evening dinner plans out with friends. It's really all a matter of balance. And the same for colleagues at the office. If someone comes to you with questions, then you need to quickly analyze if his/her questions can wait, if they can then just say, I'm busy now but you can come back tomorrow, etc.

5. Set Deadlines

Deadlines can sometimes be crucial to get you to push a little harder. While planning, set deadlines for your tasks and be specific. For instance, make conference call by 12:00 p.m. this is very specific, so you know to do it before that time. And if you set deadlines, then you can plan everything much easier.

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