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Top Tips For Purchasing & Maintaining Handmade Carpets

Carpets turn a house into a warm and cosy home! Carpets bring warmth to any room and setting. If you know the story behind the carpet you've purchased, it can generally be a great conversation starter during house parties :)

Carpets can give you inspiration for accessories and furniture. You can either choose a machine made carpet or a handmade carpet to convert your dull floorings into a canvas for art ! My personal favorite type of carpets are handmade carpets. Mainly because I know the effort given to produce a handmade carpet. I know that you get your money's worth because each hand made carpet is truly,  a one of a kind piece of art. 
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Many of us are used to seeing classic handmade carpet designs, with dark colors and classical designs. These designs are still very popular and very durable, but the latest design trends in the handmade carpet industry are actually very in line with the current fashion, design and architectural trends. It is now possible to find a handmade carpet to fit any style of home ! 

My favorite place to shop for carpets is Floorplan Rugs because they have an vast selection of both classic and modern designs. They understand what I need and they know so much about carpets, their website is full of great information to answer all of my questions and if I can't find the information I'm looking for, they are amazing at replying to my e-mails. And they have an amazing free consultation service, I recommend you check out that service. 
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Carpets and accessories make the perfect gift if you are looking for something out of the box. My favorite carpet accessories are handmade kilim pillows

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Top 5 Tips For Purchasing & Maintaining Handmade Carpets 

1. Set a general color scheme.
2. Determine your size. 
3. Take your time to chose the right carpet for you.
4. Purchase from a company that can give you a guarantee for your product. 
5. Once you've purchased your carpet, research on the best ways to care for your carpet. has some great tips. 
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Note: This post is not sponsored by any company, my views on the company mentioned are solely based on my own personal experience. 
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